SyncPro's CloudOS Private Beta

SyncPro's CloudOS Private Beta

SyncPro announces the launch of a private beta for its CloudOS - A Managed Services Cloud Platform for the AV industry.

Being a Crestron programmer myself for over 20 years (who remembers Workshop for DOS?), I always looked for the best management and monitoring solution. Fusion, GVE, and RMS were all good at their time, but always too complicated and expansive. And above all - they all work well with just one manufacturer.

So, after all these years, I went out to build the best solution - the one I always wanted for myself and my customers - cloud-based, manufacturer-agnostic, simple, powerful, customizable and user-friendly. A solution that will allow me to manage as many customers as I'd like, and provide them with superior managed services.

Today, we launch our private beta program for a limited number of early adopters.

We're not done yet, in fact - we have so much more we're going to add to it.

However, we want the great early adopters in this industry to take it for a ride, and let us know what they think, and what they would love to see in it.

So, if you got all the way here, learn more at and click on "Get Early Access" to apply for the beta.